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Terms & conditions

General terms & conditions

Age: There is no minimum age to participate in our internships. However, some jobs might require 18yo or older. We reserve the right to refuse students who are too young for the line of work they are looking for.

Minimum Knowledge of English: We accept students with a minimum level of English of A2, however, some jobs will require higher levels than others. Depending of your level, we might not be able to find you something suitable. We reserve the right to refuse students with a too low level or suggest other choices of profile.

Documents: It is your sole responsibility to provide us correct and complete information and documents. Some placements will require a Criminal Background Check, a Medical certificate, a driving license, reference letters, …

Health Insurance: It is your sole responsibility to have a Health Insurance in order for the full duration of your stay.


Unexpected changes: We are not responsible for any changes from the companies. We reserve the right to modify your stay according to our partners’ needs and possibilities.



Visa & Passport: Should you need documents from Celtic Internships for Visas or Passports, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Airport transfer: Should your plane be delayed and should you then arrive between 10pm-8am, a late/early arrival fee of 25€ will be added.

Late arrival refund: There is no refund for the missed days should you arrive later for any reason. In case you are delayed, it is important you warn us as soon as possible to avoid unexpected expenses.



Payment for accommodation:

Deposit for accommodation:


Work Placement/English classes

Punctuality & attendance: During an internship, the same punctuality and attendance is required from you as if you were working, should you be fired by your employer, we reserve the right to refuse finding you another employer.
Work Policies: Any student willing to perform an internship will have to respect the codes and policy of his job place.

Incorrect behavior, attendance, punctuality, absenteeism & expulsion (your own wrongdoing) may result in an immediate cancellation of your booking with no refund. Celtic Internships will not be responsible for making alternative arrangements for your accommodation and/or other services booked.

If the Company cancel your placement due to no fault of yours, Celtic Internships will do their utmost to replace you as soon as possible.

Unexpected changes: Celtic Internships cannot be responsible for unexpected changes, be they from an employer, a school or a home family. Celtic Internships will always try to fix your situation but cannot be held responsible for the inconveniences caused.

Sick leave: Should you get sick, please warn your employer/school and Celtic Internships before 9:30 am by telephone or email. Should you get sick more than 2 days, a doctor’s certificate will be required.


Taking holidays & breaks: Any holidays or break should be prearranged at the time of the booking. We reserve the right to refuse those breaks before the time of the booking. No unscheduled breaks are permitted except in documented cases of illness or close family bereavement.

Complaints & Grievances: In the event that services are deemed unsatisfactory and you wish to make a complaint, you can contact Celtic Internships by mail or telephone to find an arrangement.

Loss, theft…: Celtic Internships cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft, accidents or problems. Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you solve it.

Data protection: All the information you will provide us will be treated confidentially within the strict framework of your stay (finding your accommodation, internship…).

All contracts and policies are subject to Irish law.