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You will find all the documents to register here, along with the full detail of the procedure and other useful information.

  1. To register with us, we first need:

  2. We will then agree on a Skype interview at the most suitable time.

  3. After that, we will need the following documents:

    • Health document (only of you are in a Host Family)
    • Photo document
    • Consent of responsibilities (minors only)
    • Good behaviour document
    • Full travel details, as soon as possible (dates, times, names of airlines, arriving and departing airports, flight numbers…)
    • Copy of your ID/Passport/Visa card (both sides)
    • Copy of your European Health card/Proof of Health Insurance
    • Proof of Liability Insurance
    • Please join along all other documents you need (Europass and all useful documents)
    • For some jobs, you will also need an up to date police clearance (nurseries/crèches, elderly people…)
  4. Finally, here is a useful document you will receive in your Welcoming Pack:

Contact us for further details or questions.