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You have been selected by your teachers or you are coming by yourself to complete an internship in Cork, Ireland?

Congratulations! This is a great opportunity for your professional life and you will greatly benefit from this experience.

In order for you to make the most of your internship, it is important to follow some basic professional guidelines:

At Work:

On the first day of Work Placement, usually the first Monday after you finish your English classes (if you take some), come to our office at the time written on your “Welcoming Pack” and we will bring you to your company to introduce you to your tutor (we’ll also check your bus information, your working hours and answer any question you may have).

Your Tutor is responsible for your supervision and he will define your tasks based on your CV. Please make sure the information you give us is clear to help us find you the best internship.

The tasks are also based on the company’s need at the time of the year corresponding to your profile and, most of all, your English level. The higher the level the more interesting will your tasks be!

In any case:

  • Be punctual!
  • Be dressed appropriately (no jean’s nor runners) and bring your uniform (if you work in Kitchen, bar, childcare etc.)
  • Respect the company’s rules! Also do not use Facebook, personal email or your mobile phone during working hours (the company won’t keep you and you will not be replaced!).
  • If you know you’re going to be late, contact your tutor and Celtic Internships immediately.
  • If you are sick, contact your tutor and Celtic Internships. A medical certificate is required after the second day of absence (all absences are notified to your teacher).
  • Do not stop the internship without the approval of Celtic Internships and the school!
  • Do not leave the country without informing Celtic Internships and the school!

In Host family:

There is a 1-week cancellation notice for Host families and English classes.

You should not stay in your Host Family during daytime except when sick.

You should not invite friends in your HF if not previously organised with Celtic Internships.

Students coming as part of a group must not order taxis directly as it may have been already organised. Check with us first.

Do not steal, you will be immediately sent back to your country at your own expense and probably be prosecuted.

If you encounter any difficulties, we will be there to help you. Please contact us in the office by phone +353 (021) 4861490 or by email at from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 

Note: It is important to always have phone credit in case of emergency.

REMEMBER: be motivated, open-minded, respectful and positive.
We sincerely hope you will enjoy your stay.