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Tutoring a group and interested in coming to Ireland?

What we offer:

We organize for you the English classes, accommodation, internships and cultural visits that interests you and fits your needs and your group’s best. Book your plane and everything is already planned before setting foot in Ireland!

We accept groups with levels from CEFA2 for profiles in sales and B2 for any other profile. Classes and internships may start any Monday to allow you maximum flexibility and we will keep a regular follow up all along your stay. We also organize meetings between teachers and students, and we will provide you an evaluation report at the end of the stay.

Our partners are used to the process and constraints welcoming an international student imply. Furthermore we organize a meeting between the teachers and the tutors prior to the students arrival, so that they can visit the companies.

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Site plan:

You will find all information you may need on this website. Questions ? Contact us!